Service System

Our products are exported to many countries and regions in the world,Our foreign trade personnel have been serving enterprises for many years, they have a wealth of product knowledge and sales service experience, they have a special responsible sales area, and often go to visit customers.

Competition makes the market economy very active, and we are dedicated to supplying high quality service which is taken as the only way to survive and stand out in the competitive market, because we believe that our development lies in the customer's development.

We are in favor of mutual trust and respect, so, we lay emphasis on setting up extensive and equal cooperation relationships as well as strategic partnerships with our customers. Meanwhile, we also endeavor to explore and management are concentrated on the benefits and needs of customers, and the philosophy of "customer first" is widely accepted in our company. Depending on the market changes and new needs of customers, we adjust our product mix in time and increase the investment for research to make innovations and to lead this industry. Building up and completing customer service are the most important jobs forever.


Agricultural spray

Garden irrigation



RV & Yacht

Liquid Transport

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