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Portable Sprayer


Model:  YL-3006A
Product Description

Product features:

With strong high-voltage and dual-power motor, dual- switch design, the device that when shun down the gun, the sprayer will stop and efficient energy, the performance will improve more than 80%!
Compared to the knapsack sprayer and other products, portable sprayers are more relaxed and easilier to operate and have longer service life span, which shows portable sprayers can stand up to the test of time.


Model example:

Product configuration:

Electromobile power supply
Vehicle power supply
Household electrical
External battery power supply

Product parameters:

Model YL-3006
Volt 12VDC
Flow 4-5Lpm
Amp 3.5-5A
Press 0.6Mpa
Suction 1-1.5M
Head of Delivery 50-70M
Quantity 12pcs
Size 53 x 42 x 53.5cm
Loading 2700/6600 pcs
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